HULA Videos

Hula - Kokee
3:47 mins

Choreographed by Marilyn Mercado for her hula dance group. Kokee hula is about the beauty of Kokee. It’s a nice upbeat dance that her dance group really enjoys dancing.

Hula - Blue Hawaii
2:43 mins

This hula is choreographed to connect to Hawaii. One of my first choreography and one of my favorite dance.

Hula - Hawaiian Wedding Song
3:09 mins

This hula is choreographed for a friend’s wedding. I danced and share it with friends for their wedding day.

Hula - Malie's Song
4:28 mins

This dance was a dedication for all mothers on Mother’s Day. It was one of my favorite choreography.

42:22 mins

This video introduced you to basic hula steps and hand movements. We will do a 2-3 dances for fun to keep you moving and form a little sweat. Get ready to have fun.

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