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Creative Dance & Movement
36:40 mins

This video incorporates a lot of Creative Movement from breathing techniques, dance movement, balance, floor stretches, and relaxation. A great way to work the body and the mind.

Chakra 1 (RED)
1 hr 23 mins

The 1st chakra is about being grounded, centered, stable, and secure. When it is in balance you feel grounded and centered. You use your physical energy wisely. You have a healthy relationship with food, money, sex. You have an overall sense of vibrant life force energy. It is blocked by Fear.

Chakra 3 (Yellow)
1 hr 36 mins

The 3rd chakra is about positive self-esteem and self-confidence. When it is balanced you have healthy digestion, you feel blissful and joyful, confident, focused, inquisitive, free of anger, have clear thinking, no resentments, sense of personal power and unique personality, and have the ability to exercise one’s will. It is blocked by shame.

Chakra 4 (Green)
1 hr 24 mins

The 4rth chakra is about love, compassion, and self-acceptance. When it is balanced you are filled with love for other people and for you yourself. You are more compassionate and it is easier for you to forgive. You take care of yourself. It is blocked by grief.

Chakra 5 (Blue)
59:49 mins

The 5th chakra is about peaceful communication. When it is balanced you effectively communicate your heart’s desire, you speak your truth, you are a good listener, you inspire others about creative pursuit, and you are connected to your conscious creativity. It is blocked by lies.

1 hr 40 mins

The 6th chakra is about self-reflection, trusting inner wisdom, and connection to your higher power. When it is balanced you trust inner wisdom, visualize, and perceive the future. Imagination soars, it allows us to see beyond the material world, and our psychic and telepathic abilities are heightened. This practiced will help you develop your 6th sense. It is blocked by illusion.

1 hr 14 mins

The 7th chakra is about spiritual growth and a connection to your higher self. It is known as the symbol of purity and spirituality. When it is balanced you understand your life purpose. You have clear wisdom, feel a connection to your spirit and spirituality, and release from the reliance on your analytical mind. You follow your highest path and you trust the wisdom of your heart. It is blocked by earthly attachments.

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